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Tiffany Rohelia Calyee July 12, 2011
George and cindy, I am very sorry for the loss of your granddaughter. She was very precious and she will truly be missed. Caylee is in a better place now with the lord. She will forever be in alot of peoples hearts. I will pray for you and casey. I got attached to the story for the very first time i heard it. Caylee marie will always be in our hearts and will help us stay safe. REST IN PEACE CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY. WE will miss you alot and you we will never forget you. I visted her site while i was down there in florida. I will miss you so much caylee even though i never meet you. I hopw you are at peace now baby girl
Lori Prayers for you June 19, 2011

George and Cindy Anthony:

I continue to pray for your family, including Casey.  Caylee is home with our Lord, and we'll all see her again.  She is fine now.  I hope that God will ease your heartache so you can go on.  Take care.

B Mathison A Promise to Caylee Tribute December 27, 2008
I just saw the most beautiful tribute to this little girl! It sums up perfectly how so many of us are feeling so I wanted to share it:

You really are an angel now, Caylee. We all rest better knowing you are safe.
Wife of George W Reid Jr RIP Angel December 23, 2008
Caylee you have touched so many who will never know you. RIP... you are an angel who will be missed by many. My heart & tears go out to you but you are safe in heavens arms now. Lil one tell George that I love & miss him...
Susan R.I.P December 22, 2008

Caylee, you have touched so many people, In a way that will STAY in our hearts forever. R.I.P knowing you are loved by so many!!!

Austin Manleys Granny Merry Christmas In Heaven December 22, 2008

 Caylee were treasured by your grandparents i believe in this life & i pray the lord will help them through this tradgedy .. I as have many have waited for the day they would find were never lost Caylee.. Jesus Knew where you were all along ...I am Thankful he showed where to find you down here so you can sleep in a respectable place...


Kisses to the Heart Angel....for you & My Buddy Who's up there with you.....WE LOVE YOU !

caylee anthony to a lill angel December 21, 2008

even i dont know you baby girl but you will be missing and always love ..

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